How to Speed up WordPress Website Quickly

In this post, we will learn how to speed up wordpress website quickly. We will understand the errors and their reasons appearing in gtmetrix. We will also cover the different wordpress plugins to increase wordpress speed.

How to Speed up WordPress Website

First of all I will tell you few basic and manual ways to increase website speed. Its always a good choice do editing by yourself instead of using plugins. These ways will increase your website speed.

How to Increase WordPress Website Speed Manually

  1. Always upload and use compressed images by using lossy method. You can use ShortPixel website to compress images.
  2. Use less plugins. A large number of plugins make site slower. Because each plugin contains there css and js files.
  3. Use a light weight theme.
  4. Always use updated version of WordPress, themes and plugins.
  5. Always update your PHP version according to WordPress. For now, WordPress supports 7.3 version of PHP. Down versions of PHP are also supported by WordPress but they slow down the speed of your WordPress site.
  6. Do not use nulled themes. Always use free themes or paid themes with a licence.

Latest version of PHP really matters a lot for WordPress website speed but most of hosting providers do not provide latest versions of PHP.

These were the basic but effective ways to increase speed of WordPress website. Below I will tell you the methods of increasing WordPress website speed by using plugins.

  1. Cache Plugin
  2. HTML, CSS and JS Optimization Plugin
  3. Image Optimization Plugin
  4. AMP plugin to increase WordPress website speed on phones.
  5. Health Check Plugin by WordPress’s official plugin, using this you can check site errors and critical issues. Errors can slow down the speed also.
  6. Security plugin, A security plugin also increasing the speed of WordPress website by preventing bot requests.

Below are the plugins which I think these are the best plugins.

You may see a difference in list…. Because most of famous plugins companies promote themselves in thousands of websites related to WordPress tutorials. And here, this article this website is not sponsored for sure.

JCH Optimize – Cache and HTML, CSS and JS Optimization Plugin

I think this is the best WordPress plugin for speeding up WordPress website. Just after installing this plugin, you will see a very huge difference in your gtmetrix score.

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