How to Start a Blog with Blogger

How to Start a Blog with Blogger

In this article we will learn, How to Start a Blog with Blogger. This guide is step by step from creating a blog to optimizing it for search engines. So if you want to earn money from home. Then this article belongs to you.

How to Start a Blog with Blogger

As mentioned in the title. I will use blogger to teach you how to start a blog because; blogger is the simplest blogging platform. Even a primary student can create a blog using blogger. It is easy to use, easy to optimize and search engine friendly blogging platform.

BloggerHow to Start a Blog with Blogger (In Short)

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Gmail account.
  3. Confirm Your Profile.
  4. Click on CREATE NEW BLOG.
  5. Write Title.
  6. Write Address.
  7. Choose Theme.
  8. Click Create blog! button.

This tutorial is about how to start a blog in blogger that is why I want to give you detailed information about it. It may look messy but you have to understand it step by step. You can ask further questions in comments.

Choose Blogging Platform

As told earlier I am using blogger to make you learn, how to start a blog in this post. But we have two big platforms to start a blog, one is Blogger and other is WordPress and Jekesh Kumar Oad is created with WordPress. You may love to learn How to Create a Website with WordPress and Difference between WordPress and Blogger.

Setup Account for Blogger

We have two options here. One is Google+ account and other is limited blogger account. There is no much difference. Both these accounts are connected to Gmail and Google. I recommend you to use Google+ account.

Go to

Blogger - Screenshot

Click SIGN IN on the right upper corner.

Blogger - SIGN IN Button

Submit your Google (Gmail) Email.

Google Account SIGN IN - Email Submission

Submit your Google (Gmail) Password and click Sign in button.

Google Account SIGN IN - Password Submission

Create New Blogspot



Write Title, Address, and choose Theme.

  1. Write Name of Your Blog in Title.
  2. Write URL of your blog in Address.
  3. Choose a Theme for now. You can change it letter.

Create New blog - Blogspot

Now you know how to start a blog with blogger, the next step is optimization of blog for SEO.

You will see the below screen. It is the posting tab. You can create a new post here but not now. We have to do some setting for optimization first.

Optimize Blogger Settings

Below are some internal blogger setting mentioned to optimize blog. Further tutorials and guides related to how to start a blog with blogger and many other hidden tricks links are present in the end of this post.

Click Settings >> Basic, edit description, add some description and save changes.

  1. Add description between 50 to 300 characters.
  2. Please write straight to the point description.
  3. We will use this description for meta description also.

Blogger Setting - Basic

Blogger Setting - Basic - Edit Description

Blogger Setting - Basic - Save Description

Now we have to enable HTTPS Redirect. We do not have to go else where.  Scroll down and you will see https redirect section.

No matter you are using custom domain or not. You should use HTTPS.

Enable HTTPS Redirect

Blogger Setting - Basic - HTTPS Redirect

Look forward and move to Posts, comments and sharing tab. The setting, I will describe here are optional but recommended.

Blogger Setting - Posts, comments and sharing

Recommended Settings

  1. Show at most: 6 posts.
  2. Post Template: Please follow us on facebook, twitter, linkedin for daily updates. Replace your social profile links.
  3. Showcase images with Lightbox: Yes
  4. Comment Location: Embedded
  5. Who can comment?: User with Google Accounts
  6. Comment Moderation: Never
  7. Show word verification: No
  8. Comment Form Message: Please give us feedback. It helps us to improve our content.
  9. Use Google+ Comments on this blog: Yes

Add Meta Tags for SEO

How to start a blog with blogger is almost wrapped. Now the next step is adding some meta tags. We will add meta tags in blog using Search preferences section.

Blogger Setting - Search preferences

Recommended Settings

Description: Paste same description which you have wrote earlier.

  1. Google Search Console: Submit your blog to Google Search Console.
  2. Custom robots.txt: We have a separate tutorial for that.
  3. Custom robots header tags: Best settings are mentioned here.

Blogger Other Settings

  1. Go to Settings >> Other
  2. Allow Blog Feed: Full
  3. Adult Content?: No
  4. Analytics Web Property ID: Add yours. (How to get Analytics Web Property ID)

Blogger User Settings

Go to Settings >> User settings

User Profile: Google+

I hope you understood how to start a blog with blogger. Use below links to check more interesting things about how to start a blog with blogger and more.

Learn more about how to add meta description on blogger at:

  1. wikiHow
  2. Google
  3. Blogging Basics 101

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How to Start a Blog with Blogger
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